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VR Original by Tongji on Display at the 5th Shanghai Collegiate Art Exhibition

By:College of Arts and Media  Published:10/11/2017 

Light of Genesis: the VR Movie Studio, a VR original created by the College of Arts and Media (CAM), Tongji University, entered the art practice workshop for the 5th Sahnghai Collegiate Art Exhibition, and was on display at Donghua University, September 26th -28th 2017.


Light of Genesis: the VR Movie Studio was created by our undergraduate animation and dubbing performance majors during this summer vacation under the guidance of Prof. LIU Zhejun and JIN Shuiyun form CAM. With the 60th birthday of Shanghai Animation Film Studio (SAFS) coming this year, our team drew materials from a masterpiece of SAFS in 1980, Tales of Avanti, and combined them with the cutting edge of virtual reality technology.

While wearing the VR glasses, the audience were able to learn the basic lens language in the VR class, and then do practice in the VR filming set. For example, the audience were able to ramble around the set with a space limit of 10 square meters, appreciate the set in detail from varied angles, and even use the Vive Handle to control the VR camera for framing, picturing composition and filming. Furthermore, the participants were also allowed to realize their own ideas through free camera shooting, editing and producing their unique animated short features. In all, this VR work by Tongji not only brought the audience a refreshing experience and aesthetic pleasure, but promoted Chinese traditional culture with marked Shanghai characteristics.