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Student Art Troup of Tongji University Recorded A CD Named "ShiYinJiYi"

By:University Art Center  Published:08/15/2017 
Recently, the school student art troup of Tongji University has finished recording a music CD named "Shiyinyiji" which literally means memory of Tongji from music. Ten pieces of musical works with different styles and various forms included in this CD are: Big Fish & Chinese Flowering Crabapple, Send Me A Rose, Deep in the Night, Good News from Beijing to Borderland, Joyful Reunion (played by modern Chinese orchestra of Tongji), Higher and Higher, I Don't Know Where the Wind is Blowing, Tree of Love, Missing You, and Xinyi-Yunzhumengfan, played by chorus of Tongji. They were performed with folk music septet, lute ensemble, big band and included Chinese and English chorus works with distinctly different rhythms.
The Art Center began to plan and record the CD at the end of last year. Students of the modern Chinese Orchestra and Chorus spent several consecutive weekends recording the CD repeatedly all through the night under the guidance of their instructors. Teachers of the Art Center were fully engaged in assisting with the recording to make sure the students performed well.