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Student Art Troupe Staged Special Show 2018

By:College of Arts and Media   Published:06/26/2018 

On the evening of June 12th, the Special Show 2018 organized by the University Art Center and hosted by the Student Art Troupe was held in the studio theater of the South Campus of Tongji University. XU Jianping, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, people from the Student Affairs Office and the Youth League as well as hundreds of teachers and students watched the performance.




Interesting performances were staged one by one including recitals of Belt and Road and Graduates by a team of student hosts, folk music The Fetter of Puppet by the Student Folk Orchestra, a group dance Young Scholars with Paper Fan by the Student Dance Group, a chorus Danny Boy and South City Farewell by the Student Choir Group and a folk music show Summer Sun by the Student Folk Orchestra.The passionate performances demonstrated the vigor of the young students and impressed the audience very much.