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Sino-US Student Maker Center at Tongji University Inaugurated

By:News Center, College of Design and Innovation, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship   Published:04/06/2018 
Sino-US Student Maker Center (SUSMC), Tongji University, was inaugurated on April 2nd, marking the establishment of a new platform for innovation and entrepreneurship education at Tongji. SUSMC seeks to become an important base that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship education in both China and the US, explores more student entrepreneurs` communication as well as cultural exchange between the two countries, and contributes to regional, national, and global development at large with the support of the two universities.

Tongji University will work jointly with many other universities in Shanghai and the US (such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology), along with leading enterprises at home and abroad to run SUSMC in the future. The Center will focus increasingly on extensive innovation and entrepreneurship education, intensified student makers` exchange activities and exhibitions, and the effective transformation of achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, a Chinese base of SUSMC in Shanghai and an American base in Boston will be established to provide experimental facilities, receive visiting scientists and student makers from all over the world, and to help transform research achievements into concrete, profitable products.