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Art Festival 2017 at Tongji University

By:University League Committee, Art Center   Published:01/11/2018 
A special concert of I Have a Date with the Spring performed by SMG TV and radio hosts was staged at the University Auditorium on the Siping Campus on Jan. 5th, marking a successful conclusion of Tongji Art Festival 2017. An enthusiastic audience of 2,000 Tongji teachers and students attended the concert.
The concert hosted by SMG hosts WANG Zijian and YI Nan had an all-host cast including CAO Kefan, LIN Hai, ZHU Zhen, JIN Wei and HE Jie. Four special guests, vocalists PING An, HUANG Ling, YE Pei and LI Xiangxiang joined them on the show. The concert began with a ballad Want to sing to you. Then came songs including Dull Ice Flower, Blooming Flowers and the Full Moon, and A High Song. These songs brought tremendous joy to the audience. Two of the Best Ten Tongji Student Singers in 2017 also joined YE Pei in their tribute to the youth, Youth of no regrets. The concert ended with This Day Next Year performed by all the SMG hosts. The passion, the glamour, and the young and energetic atmosphere touched every audience.


Since the beginning of the Art Festival on Sept. 29th, 2017, 62 cultural activities were held on campus, including modern plays, operas, dance dramas, traditional Chinese operas, talk shows and performances in various forms. A number of art-themed lectures were also organized on campus.