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‘Proceeding with Excellence and Unyielding Spirits’-Themed Gala Held in Military Training Brigades

By:Student Affairs Office  Published:09/15/2017 

On the evening of September 12, ‘Proceeding with Excellence and Unyielding Spirits’–themed gala for No.1 military training brigade of Tongji University in 2017 was held in the auditorium of the Siping campus. Deputy Party Secretary XU Jianping, leaders in charge of military training, military instructors, and related teachers and students attended the gala.

    This gala consisted of three chapters: A Recollection of Hard Times, A Paean of Youth, and A Display of Unyielding Military Spirits. Various forms of performance, including musical recitation, modern dance, series military songs singing, drama, catwalk show and sketches, showcased the fine spirit of today’s college students.


    Another gala followed the same theme for the No.2 military training brigade at the Jiading campus of Tongji University on the evening of September 13. Deputy Party Secretary XU, related leaders, military instructors, teachers, and students attended the gala held in the gymnasium.


    There were also three chapters unfolded in this gala: A Glimpse of Arduous Times, A Praise for Blooming Youth, and A Touch of Military Affection. The vitality and youth of the college students of Tongji University were well expressed through their performances of dragon dance, recitation, dancing, folk music display and drama.