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Tongji University Held Its 2017 Opening Ceremony Welcoming New Students

By:News Center  Published:09/10/2017 
The first day of school came for 4364 freshmen and 6257 newly enrolled postgraduate students of Tongji University in 2017. On the morning of September 10, 2017, the opening ceremony kicked off to welcome all new students at Sports Ground 129 of the Siping Campus.
  On behalf of the University, President ZHONG Zhihua, welcomed all new students from across the country to join the Tongji family. He mentioned “The 110-year old Tongji University wrote its history in great fortitude, arduous exploration, and unremitting progress. The fine tradition of ‘proceeding with the country and benefiting the world with scientific teaching’ has been handed down all along. Not only will Tongji University provide you all with chances to learn, but also with opportunities to make mistakes. It cultivates an innovative, inclusive, and harmonious atmosphere, in which I hope you all can make full use of various kinds of resources it offers so as to make yourselves all-round through responsive diligence, conscientious study and active explorations. We will support more students to make them excellent and make sure each student is included through the ‘Morality-Oriented Education’ specialized project.”
  In the opening ceremony, Vice President WU Jiang announced the recipients of Freshmen Scholarship which favored 145 freshmen.