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Prof. WANG Pinxian Interpretes Debates on Global Warming

By:the News Centre   Published:06/15/2017 
On the evening of June 13th in the lecture hall of Yifu Building, Prof. WANG Pinxian of the School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave the final speech of the course: Science, Culture &Ocean, and concluded the program successfully.
Themed Debate on Global Warming, his talk addressed the issue of global warming, its counter measures, and political gravity. In his perspective, global change raises social questions that are also cultural-context-related; Global Warming and Climate Diplomacy not only cover scientific, technological, and political issues, but they also attempt to explore underlying topics of ways of human living and interactions with Mother Nature.

Where is the way out? As the academician pointed out, there must be a combined effort of scientists, researchers, politicians, diplomats, and philosophers. He additionally brought forward several problem-solving pathways.

In his final remarks, Prof. WANG expressed his earnest expectations on students: 1. think independently; 2. examine your thoughts; 3. cherish life and seize the day.