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Tongji University Held the Commemoration Ceremony “the Eternal Sacrifice” for Martyrs


On September 30th, China’s first Memorial Day, Tongji University held a series of commemorating activities themed “the Eternal Sacrifice” by presenting wreaths to the statue of the martyrs, reviewing picture collections of history, as well as opening up a special column on Wechat for commemoration. The activities memorize and review the glorious deeds of martyrs and sing high praise for their patriotism. Students at Tongji are highly motivated to pass on the will and expectation of the predecessors and contribute their own share of enthusiasm to realize the Chinese Dream.




The commemorating ceremony was held in the Tongji 1•29 Auditorium in the afternoon on September 30, with more than 100 teacher and student delegates present at the ceremony.

The commemoration commenced with student veterans carrying the national flag solemnly entering the auditorium. All teachers and students stood in silent tribute to the national anthem. The host then reviewed the glorious deeds of the Tongji martyrs and the University Art Troupe presented the string orchestra “Nostalgia”, poem reciting “Characters with Blood” and “Pray”, as well as the chorus “Song of Red Plum” and “Song of Guerrillas”. Teacher and student representatives presented wreaths to the Martyr Monument and white chrysanthemum to martyrs.





The commemoration dedicated a picture collection themed “Hope in the Firing Blood” to all the teachers and students which displayed the 20 martyrs who had taught or studied at Tongji University.