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Opening Ceremony for First-year Students of 2014 at Tongji University


On the morning of Sep.10th, the opening ceremony for first-year students of 2014 at Tongji University was held on 1.29 Track and Field Ground on Siping Road campus. Present at the ceremony were university leaders including President PEi Gang, vice presidents CHNE Yiyi, MA Jinming, JIANG Fuming, JIANG Bo, WU Jiang, FANG Shouen and XU Jianping.



President PEI Gang delivered a speech in the opening ceremony. He first extended his warm welcome and gave his congratulations to first-year students of 2014 for their enrollment at Tongji University. He then introduced the history of Tongji University, using examples of ZHAO Binyang and LI Guohao as role models for students. ZHAO, an alumnus of Tongji University, found the first therapy for the treatment of schistosomiasis soon after the People’s Repubic of China was founded and cured more than five million schistosomiasis patients. LI Guohao, an alumnus and former president of Tongji University, committed himself to research on bridges all his life despite endless difficulties. PEI mentioned Two-Century goal set in the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC and the wave of high education reform in the hope that students could find their academic interest and pursue it, pay close attention to interdisciplinary learning and take the responsibility of promoting sustainable development of the society.


XU Jianping, vice Chairman of the University Council, announced the winners of Scholarships for First-year Students while other leaders presented them to the winners. Over 100 students won the scholarships this year.


CHEN Yihan, a chief scientist of the National Project 973 and vice dean of the Medical School of Tongji University, JI Xinhua, founder and CEO of Shanghai Youkede Information Technology Co. Ltd, WU Yiting, Chairman of the University Student Union and a student of 2011 from Art Design, and CHEN Dacheng, a first-year student from School of Civil Engineering gave their speeches on behalf of teachers, alumni, senior and junior students respectively.



Translated by May Language Studio