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Tongji-Jiaxing Environmental Protection Hospital Opens

By:College of Environmental Science and Engineering  Published:06/19/2018 
The opening ceremony of the Tongji-Jiaxing Environmental Protection Hospital (TJEPH), jointly established by Tongji University and Jiaxing Municipal Government, was held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province on June 4th-5th. As one of Tongji`s crucial actions to fully support the green development in Jiaxing and to conduct strategic collaboration with Jiaxing Municipal Government, the inauguration of TJEPH will accelerate the transformation of scientific achievements, and will provide intellectual and technological support for ecological environment improvement in Jiaxing.

On May 15th, 2017, an all-round strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Jiaxing Municipal Government and Tongji University, which attached great importance to their cooperation in green development. As laid down in the agreement, the two sides will put forth a joint effort into the establishment of the Environmental Protection Hospital. Jiaxing-Tongji Environment Research Institute (on behalf of Tongji University) and Jiaxing Environment Protection Agency (on behalf of the Municipal Government) will assume responsibility for the hospital operation. Based on Jiaxing-Tongji Environment Research Institute, TJEPH will take advantage of the disciplinary resources in environmental science and engineering at Tongji University and will pool some 110 experts in environmental protection at home and abroad as the ‘hospital medical team.’ By offering professional counselling, problem diagnosis, proposal preparation, and technology development through both online and on-site channels, TJEPH will strive to serve as a non-profitable, high-end and comprehensive service platform in Jiaxing focusing on environmental protection technology.