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Tongji Bookstore Opens

By: Tongji University Press   Published:05/18/2018 
Tongji Bookstore was officially opened on the morning of May 18th, just before the 111th anniversary of Tongji University.

Tongji Bookstore, with an enclosed area of 3252, is located at No. 2 Chifeng Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai (the 1st floor of the Tongji University Press building at the northeast corner of the Siping Campus). Connecting the University and nearby residential neighborhoods, its location is not only a crowded spot with high traffic density, but the first gateway from the Bund to Wujiaochang Square. At present, the Bookstore has a total of about 10,000 copies of more than 4,000 kinds of books that cover design, arts, science and technology, and the humanities.

According to a foreman staff member in the Bookstore, Tongji Bookstore is an open, inclusive, and shared space for knowledge communication and exchange. It seeks to become an important platform in the future to display disciplinary, educational, and research achievements made at Tongji and other nearby universities, through a series of academic and cultural activities that are rich in content and forms, as well. At the same time, based on the disciplinary preponderance of Tongji University, Tongji Bookstore will also strive to offer more opportunities for young designers, architects, and artists in Tongji to step out of the campus environment and present themselves in public.

Video News:https://news.tongji.edu.cn/catv/?classid=5698&action=video&id=1201&t=show