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46th Annual Sports Meet of Tongji University Opens

By: Physical Education Department   Published:05/11/2018 
The 46th annual Sports Meet of Tongji University opened at Sports Ground 129ir on the afternoon of May 11th.

The opening ceremony began with the song, Ode to the Motherland. Then came large-scale performances featuring aerobics and cheerleading dancing, Chinese shadowboxing (known as Tai Chi), karate, dragon dancing, and martial arts, followed by multiple shows characteristic of fine national traditions. In addition, students from Tongji University Experimental School staged a drum and bugle corps performance and displayed martial arts. As the enthusiastic tune, Athletes’ March, was played, the athletes, following the honor guards, entered the sports ground with distinctive and creative catch phrases, movements, and sports suits representing their schools and departments, and their future professions. The audience could see Tongji students` shared wishes of maintaining physical fitness to serve the motherland.

In addition to the traditional track and field events, this year`s sports meet included fun games for the Tongji faculty and staff members in the University Swimming Competition and Friendship-Cup Swimming Competition for Schools and Departments, the 3rd Competition for Mr. and Ms. Fitness, and the 10th Knowledge Contest on Sports and Health. All of these various activities sought to bring to more teachers and students the joy and benefits of playing sports and keeping fit.