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9th Tongji Sakura Festival

By:University League Committee  Published:04/02/2018 
The 9th Tongji Sakura Festival on the theme of ‘An Encounter with Sakura, An Encounter with You,’ opened at the University Football Stadium and Sakura Avenue on the Siping Campus on March 27th.

This year`s Sakura Festival, organized by Tongji Student Council, was comprised of Schools and Departments Exhibition, Sakura Role Play, orienteering, and music festivals. At the opening ceremony, a total of 31 stalls from different schools, departments and student organizations prepared manifold activities characteristic of their own specialties for the visitors. For instance, members of the Dance Club gave a flash mob performance, entitled: ‘My Great China’ to mark our motherland`s current prosperity in an ingenious way. Also, it`s noteworthy that this year, a special student-aid booth was put up to appeal to Tongji students for the conveyance of health, positive messages through charity.

As an annual cultural feast at Tongji University, Sakura Festival has been held eight times in succession. The activities were organized by the Liaison Office, Tongji Student Council with the support from various student organizations and clubs in Tongji University, and many other universities in Shanghai. The closing ceremony of this year`s Sakura Festival was held on April 3rd, where the Top Ten Student Singers from other universities in Shanghai were invited to jointly hold a concert.