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Hot Water Supply to Dorms for Students to Take Showers in the Same Building on the Siping Campus

By: News Center   Published:03/16/2018 
At the beginning of this semester, all ten student dorms on the Siping Campus were equipped with hot water supply system and showers, providing the students with greater convenience and comfort. In the future, upon swiping their student cards, students in these buildings will be able to take hot-water showers inside the dormitories instead of going to the public shower houses at a different building on the Siping Campus. Take Northwest Dorm Two for instance, the three shower rooms lie right at back of the reception room at the end of the 1st floor. Hot water will be available for shower from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day. Every shower room will have seven or eight shower spaces, totaling 25 showers for the three shower rooms. Shower spaces were partitioned with colorful curtains for privacy. At the entrance of the shower room there will be lockers and public high-power hair dryers, which shows the tender care for students from the university.

The project for the hot water supply system on the Siping Campus started in Jun. 2017. Its design, proposed by the University Energy Center, highlighted the ideas of green power and energy conservation. When the project is completed, a combined heat and power supply system will be put into use, which heats the water with the energy generated by gas power. The university will bear the cost of electricity. Students will pay for the showers at the unit price of 0.03 RMB/10 seconds -- the same rate with that at the previous public shower house.