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New Campus Maps Appear on Siping Campus

By:News Center  Published:01/10/2018 
When you step inside the Siping Campus of Tongji University, a look at the Campus Map near the entrance will take you anywhere you want to in an easy manner. On Jan. 1st, 2018, 22 Campus Map boards were placed at the Siping Campus to greet the New Year in a special way.

A Campus Signage System which included the campus map was designed by a team of teachers and students led by Professor WU Guoxin from the College of Design and Innovation of the University. Given that it is easier to follow regular codes than texts when looking for a destination, the Siping Campus is shown in seven areas with seven distinctive colors on the new map. Meanwhile, each building is labeled with a code in accordance with the area it is in. A signage system was thus established by connecting area codes with building codes. Visitors may find their destinations by following these codes in an efficient way. Landmark locations can be found either by codes or texts while less recognizable ones by codes only. The campus map boards were placed near the campus entrances, road junctions and mostly frequented visited sites on campus. The graphic presentation of the maps was intended to be accurate, clear and artistic.