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The Public Course, China`s Road, for the Semester Came to a Successful Conclusion

By:News Center   Published:12/12/2017 
On the evening of Dec. 6th, Prof. DU Huanzheng from the School of Marxism gave a lecture on China`s Road on Ecological Development. This was also the final lecture in the public course China`s Road for this semester. The previous lectures in the course also included the Significance of China`s Road to the World, by Prof. LI Zhancai, China`s Road on Economic Development, by Prof. YANG Xiaoyong, China`s Road on Political Development, by Prof. ZHANG Jin, China`s Road on Social Governance, by Prof. GUO Qiang, China`s Road on Cultural Development, by Prof. DING Xiaoqiang, and China`s Road on Shared Development, by other professors from the School of Marxism.

China`s Road, a new and publicly-available optional course for this semester, is a component in the curriculum arrangement of the study on Chinese ideological and political theory. As an attempt by the School of Marxism to extend education on ideological and political theory to professional study and research, the course aimed to make an intensive exposition on our political, economic, cultural, social, and ecological construction with Chinese characteristics, based on the ideas of innovative, coordinate, green, open and shared development.

In the following semester, we will continue to invite renowned scholars, both from our University and from other institutes, to give lectures on the stage of China`s Road. Students are welcomed to register and attend.