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Opening Ceremony to Welcome Domestic Visiting Scholars at Tongji University

By:Department of Scientific Research Management  Published:09/22/2017 

A welcoming ceremony for domestic visiting scholars at Tongji took place on September 19. Vice President GU Xianglin, representatives of staff from the School of Continuing Education, the Department of Scientific Research Management, the Personnel Office, and above all, the visiting scholars at our University, attended the ceremony. The class of domestic visiting scholars in 2017 comprises 62 university teachers from all over the country, enrolled into various schools, departments, and institutes at Tongji University.


    On behalf of our University, Vice President GU gave an ardent, welcoming speech to the visiting teachers and introduced to them to the history as well as the disciplinary development of Tongji University. At the event, he announced the present vision of Tongji - a world-class university rooted in Chinese traditional legacies. With Tongji being newly listed on the ‘Double A Project,’ our vice president warmly encouraged the visiting teachers to participate in the ‘double A construction’ of Tongji and to give their pertinent advice. Vice President GU, sharing his personal experience as a visiting scholar during the speech, also appealed to the teachers for their value of this opportunity to study further, reminding them to learn from their supervisors the idea of moral cultivation, and to fully comprehend the profound culture here that spans the past century.