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Achievement Report Ceremony for 2017 Student Military Training

By: Student Affairs Office  Published:09/19/2017 

An achievement report ceremony for the 2017 student military training took place at Sports Ground 129 on September 14. Military parades came first in the event, with the Army flag presented amidst the sonorous and forceful background music.



    The student troops lined up in march-past formation for leaders` inspection, right after the pacesetters were steady and ready in their places. Next, there were students` performances ranging from the swift, powerful, and flexible military boxing by female soldiers, to the bayonet calisthenics manifesting male students` valor and tenacity during the drill, and were followed by the martial arts of the arrest boxing fighters with bright piercing eyes in the summer heat.




    Outstanding drillmasters, teachers aiding the training, and student soldiers were honored afterwards. XU Jianping, Deputy Party Secretary of Tongji University, gave a summary report on the military training acknowledging the students` hard work and persistence on the one hand, and expressing his gratitude to all the drillmasters, teachers, and student participants on the other hand.

    WU Jiang, Executive Vice President of Tongji University, gave the closing announcement while all the attendants were standing upright in the anthem of the People`s Liberation Army, bringing the 2017 student military training in Tongji to a successful conclusion.