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The Celebration of Tongji University's 110th Anniversary

By:News Center   Published:05/21/2017 
On the evening of May 20th, Tongji University held an evening party in the gymnasium of the Jiading campus to celebrate its 110th anniversary with greetings from guests, all the staff and students, and schoolfellows at home and abroad.
On the theme of “Pursue the Dream Together and Forge Ahead into the Future,” the evening party consisted of “the extraordinary history of Tongji University,” “the charm of Tongji people” and “the prospect of Tongji University.” The video at the beginning of this party showed the original appearances of Tongji University’s old campuses in the form of paper folding with modeling technology, showcasing the changes of the University sites and Tongji spirit. With the guide of letters written by the historical features of Tongji University, the audience reviewed the 110-year history of Tongji University with the pursuit of excellence as its goal. The video during a break portrayed Tongji people, such as foreign students, the staff, students teachers and so on, from the perspective of students showing the campus culture which was featured by youthful vigor and dream. Saving Current Affairs and Benefiting the Society, an episode of the original stage play, In the Same Boat, showed the historical events of the joining of Nanpu Bridge manifesting the public spirit of Tongji people. Combining innovative poppin with robot programming dance, Tongji University’s cutting-edge achievements in scientific research were shown through the interaction between human and robots with the participation of Tongji team’s robots that won the championship of RobocupWorld Cup’sChinese Standard Platform League Contest. At the final stage, the original song, Miracle, brought the final climax with dance accompanying the song. Moreover, students in Siping campus enjoyed the live broadcast of the evening party held at the Jiading campus, and Tongji people at home and abroad could also watch the live broadcast online.
“We are Tongji people who are devoted to carrying forward Tongji spirit,” the audience and performers pledged at the end of the evening party. And then, the evening party of Tongji University’s 110th anniversary ended with the exciting old school song and The Song of Tongji.