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Scholars and Entrepreneurs Explore Digitalized Creation

By:Tongji News Center  Published:10/05/2018 

With the acceleration of the new wave of technological revolution and industry transformation, innovation and emerging industry have become core strategies for countries to remain competitive. It is also a key strategy for China to implement an innovation-driven policy and develop emerging industries. The International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Development, as one of the important activities of the 2018 China International Industry Fair, was held in Shanghai from September 19th to 20th, for which Tongji University hosted two parallel sessions -- Digitalized Creative Technology and Industry,and Green and Low-Carbon Technology and Industry -- at the Shanghai International Convention Center on September 20th.


The Digitalized Creative Technology and Industry session focused on cluster development opportunities of the current digitalized creative industry amid profound changes brought by internet and artificial intelligence. More than ten renowned scholars and entrepreneurs in the world were brought together to explore from different perspectives the latest achievements in the interdisciplinary integration between innovation and emerging industry, between digital technology breakthrough and creative design service against the background of artificial intelligence. The session was organized in an attempt to lead new supply and consumption, and to explore multi-dimensional ways of development for technology, culture, arts and business models.