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Nature of Jade: Exhibition of HE Ma’ Works Opened at Tongji University

By:Tongji University Library  Published:09/27/2018 

On September 12th, Nature of Jade: Exhibition of HE Ma’s Wroks was opened at the Haven of Classic Literature, Tongji University, with support from Tongji University Library, Research Center for Jade and Material Techniques, Shanghai and Jade Education Centre, Tongji University. It was a high-level jade exhibition ever held in the library. Present at the opening ceremony were Mr. HE Ma, a senior artist and craftsman, a jade sculptor and distinguished research fellow of Fujian Art and Crafts Academy, and people from Office of External Liaison & Development, Promotion Department, the University Library and jade enthusiasts.

HE Ma showed people round the exhibits. His works revealed his understanding of integration between People and Things, and between People and Themselves, which was demonstrated by the new achievements of jade carving skills.


The exhibition was composed of four parts of Throwing a Stone to Clear the Road, Discerning the True and the False, Verification, and Be Natural and Emotive. The event was supported by the Lisuo Jade Carving Studio and Shanghai Bestforu Company Limited.