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Discussions on Global Consumption Among Young Entrepreneurs from 19 Countries at Tongji University

By:University Youth League Committee  Published:09/19/2018 
The Summer School for International Entrepreneurs organized by Tongji University with support from the University of Munich, Technical University Munich, the Munich University of Applied Sciences, Bundeswehr University Munich, Tecnológico de Monterrey and the Life & Co University Consortium of South Africa, was initiated in Tongji Venture Valley on the morning of September 12th. Thirty-two international young entrepreneurs from 19 countries gathered in Tongji University.

Tongji University joined the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School in 2015. As the only host university in Asia, it has been committed to offering a platform for educational exchange in innovation and entrepreneurship to young people around the world. Every year, the Summer School is held in Munich, Shanghai, Mexico City and Cape Town across time zones. It focused on the theme of Consumption for this year. Students from different countries proposed their start-up business plans for consumption and resources issues in the future under seven sub-topics, including environment, culture, manufacturing, global food consumption, waste, internet and fashion consumption.