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Third International Conference on Damage Mechanics at Tongji University

By:College of Civil Engineering   Published:07/27/2018 
The Third International Conference on Damage Mechanics (ICDM), organized by Tongji University and supported by Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and Architectural Society of China, was held at Tongji University July 4th- 6th. A total of 200 representatives from home and abroad attended the conference, including Prof. BAI Yilong and Prof. GUO Wanlin, members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Alberto Carpinteri from Politecnico di Torino of Italy. Six invited lectures, 20 keynote speeches, 140 parallel presentations, and more than 40 poster presentations were organized during the conference.

Damage mechanics, originated in 1958, focuses on research in nonlinear deformation, rupture, and destruction of materials and structures at different levels. International Journal of Damage Mechanics, in collaboration with four universities, initiated the first ICDM in 2012, for the purpose of making theoretical development in damage mechanics, combining theoretical research with engineering practice, and finding new points of growth in the discipline with experts from all over the world. It gradually developed into an annual conference. Tongji University is one of the co-founders of ICDM.