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Shaanxi Cultural Experience for International Students of Tongji University

By:International Student Office  Published:07/11/2018 
2018 Cultural Experience Tour to Shaanxi for International Students of Tongji University came to a successful conclusion on June 25th.

The five-day tour, featuring on-site visits to historic towns Weinan and Xi`an in Shaanxi Province, sought to help the international students further understand` Chinese history and culture via sightseeing and on-site experience.

When they were in Weinan, the international students, as arranged by the local government, visited the 600-year-old Dangjia Village in Hancheng, went to Hechuan Scenic Area where the famous poem Guan Ju in the Book of Songs was composed thousands of years ago, and watched unique Chinese puppet performances and shadow plays. And when in Xi`an, they visited Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, experienced waist drum dance and other local customs and habits, and tasted the charisma of the old city.

The Cultural Experience Tour taught the international students a vividly interesting lesson on Chinese history and culture. During the tour, these students from all over the world were all impressed by how profound the history and culture were in Shanxi Province.