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Symposium on Intelligent Driving and Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems Held

By:College of Transportation Engineering   Published:07/10/2018 
On June 25th, the Symposium on Intelligent Driving and Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems was held in Conference Room 405 of the Jiading campus, Tongji University. The Symposium was co-organized by the College of Transportation Engineering of Tongji University and the Shanghai Institute of Traffic Engineering. It aimed at enhancing the academic research in intelligent driving and cooperative vehicle-infrastructure, strengthening product development and international cooperation of verification testing, and by extension, promoting the development of both theoretical research and industrialization.

At the Symposium, Professor Swaminathan Gopalswamy from the University of Texas T&A, Dr. LI Lin from Shanghai International Automobile City, Dr. FENG Yiheng from the Transportation Research Institute of the University of Michigan, Assistant Professor LV Chen from the Department of Mechanics of Nanyang Technological University, and Professor MA Wanjing from Tongji University gave a series of thematic reports respectively, on which the experts and scholars had a heated discussion and exchange their ideas afterwards. Then, Dr. BAO Lixia, Director of the Intelligent Transportation Committee of the Shanghai Institute of Traffic Engineering and Shanghai Urban Construction Design and Research Institute, raised a topic on the transformation of the transportation infrastructure construction against the background of intelligent driving and cooperative vehicle-road development, which later provoked heateddiscussions actively joined by the experts and scholars.