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Tongji-AFU CNEUF inaugurated

By: Foreign Affairs Office   Published:07/04/2018 

Ms.Sophie GOEDEFROIT, Director for Asian-Pacific Region in Agence Universitaire dela Francophonie (AFU), paid a visit to Tongji University on June 20th.Executive Vice President WU Jiang and Vice President JIANG Bo met with Ms.GOEDEFROIT. The three of them jointly unveiled the plate of Tongji-AFU Campusdu Nouvel Espace Universitaire Francophonie (CNEUF).


Duringher visit, Ms. GOEDEFROIT also signed the Supplementary Agreements on CNEUF Project Focusing on Developing Innovative Ideas and Entrepreneurial Culture and the Financing Agreements on the Summer School for French Learners in Asian-Pacific Region with Prof. WU Jiang.


AUF is an association of educational and research institutions. Originally itincluded traditional French-speaking countries and regions in the worldbut now it extends to all the countries and regions where French is taught. Last October, a cooperation agreement was signed between AUF and Tongji University on the joint establishment of CNEUF, a project focusing on developing innovative ideas and entrepreneurial culture. CNEUF, situated at Sino-France Center of Tongji University on the Siping Campus, will function as a ‘third platform’ for student activities, international cooperation,university-industry cooperation, and innovative and entrepreneurial practices,facilitating dialogues and exchanges between universities, research institutes,and enterprises in French-speaking countries and regions. In the future, a variety of activities and programs will be organized in CNEUF, including themed lectures, symposiums, innovative and entrepreneurial competitions, workshops,and innovation exhibitions.