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The 9th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence Held

By:News Center  Published:07/03/2018 
The 9th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ICSI 2018) was held at the Yingyi Crowne Plaza, Shanghai on June 17 - 22, 2018. The event was co-organized by Tongji University and Peking University supported by Southern University of Science and Technology.

ICSI serves as an important forum in the field of international swarm intelligence algorithms and robots. A total of 200 experts and researchers from related fields around the world participated in the event. Altogether 197 papers from 38 countries were presented at the ICSI 2018 where three scholars from the Indian Institute of Statistics, Kyushu University in Japan, and De Montfort University in the UK were invited to give in-depth reports on the applications and development of swarm intelligence.

This event provided a high-level forum for scientists, engineers, educators and postgraduates from countries and regions around the world in the field of swarm intelligence, robotics, artificial intelligence and big data to present their latest research in related fields, which promoted the development of both theories and technologies.