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Support Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Inaugurated

By:the University Library   Published:06/28/2018 
On June 13th, the inauguration ceremony for Tongji University Support Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property was held at the University Library on the Siping Campus. The Center was initiated by the University Library and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and will be jointly constructed by the Intellectual Property Information Service Center of Tongji University and the Shanghai International Intellectual Property Institute. This is the first attempt to establish such an intellectual property liaison system at Tongji University.

The Center will provide tailored support for innovation and entrepreneurship through targeted intellectual property services, help teachers and students keen on innovation and entrepreneurship to gain better understanding of the relationship between scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property. It will also help raise the awareness of the role of intellectual property in promoting innovative results. Functioning as a safe and sound environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the Center aims at enabling its users to make proper use of intellectual property rights in their entrepreneurial practices.

After the ceremony, FEI Shenghua and ZHANG Gengping from the Center made a presentation on Patents - Secret Weapons for Innovation to students from an experimental class of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


(Video News: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/catv/?classid=5698&action=video&id=1219&t=show)