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Research Results by Tongji Professor Reported in EOS

By:College of Ocean and Earth Sciences   Published:06/11/2018 
EOS, one of the American Geographical Union (AGU) publications, is the world’s leading source for trustworthy news and perspectives about the earth and space sciences. Its Research Spotlights column focuses specifically on the most influential research results in this field. Recently, the research results jointly obtained by Prof. HAN Desheng from the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and researchers from the Space Physics Research Department of the Polar Research Institute of China have been reported by the EOS as one of the Research Spotlights. Earlier in March 2018, the research results of HAN and other co-researchers were presented in a paper entitled Direct Evidence for Throat Aurora Being the Ionospheric Signature of Magnetopause Transient and Reflecting Localized Magnetopause Indentations, was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics (JGR), another major academic journal of AGU.

‘Throat Aurora’ is a new aurora structure discovered and named by Mr. HAN’s research team in 2015 using autonomous observation data from the Arctic Yellow River Station of China. The discovery of great original and innovative significance was later selected as the cover page paper by JGR. Following this, the team further examined the occurring mechanisms of Throat Aurora and the accompanying geospatial effects. Some of its results have already unveiled the potential and value of the Throat Aurora for scientific research. At the same time, the team also studied in detail the statistical characteristics of the Throat Aurora observation, further confirming the Throat Aurora is of significant importance for studying the coupling of solar wind and magnetopause, one of the key scientific issues in Space Physics, which was published again as a JCR cover story.