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Psychological Culture Fair Held at Tongji University

By:Education and Counseling Center for Psychological Health  Published:06/06/2018 
On May 29th, the ‘May at Tongji – Fun Carnival’ Psychological Culture Month opened on the Siping Campus. The lively Psychological Fair took place on the tree-lined South Avenue, and has attracted the participation of many teachers and students. Fair stalls included some 14 professional sections, such as the Virtual Reality (VR) in Autism, ‘Your Worries’ Tree Hole Q&A, Fun Psychological Quizzes, Psychological Self-Service Display, Family of Origin, Encompassing Lists for Psychological Book Recommendation, OH Cards Know Me Best, Interpretation of Dreams, 20-Minute MBSR (Mindfulness—based stress reduction) Camp, Five Languages of Love, Logical Reasoning Quizzes, Cops and Thieves on Board, Memory Challenge, and Slowed Time. Actively engaging in these activities, students learned to know, love, and develop themselves by paying more attention to the improvement of their psychological health and upbringing.