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GeoShanghai International Conference 2018 Opens

By:College of Civil Engineering  Published:06/05/2018 
The GeoShanghai International Conference 2018, organized jointly by Tongji University, the China Civil Engineering Society, the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, and the Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering, successfully opened on the morning of May 28th.

The following nine internationally renowned scholars in civil engineering industry gave presentations during the conference on invitation: Prof. R. Kerry Rowe from Queen`s University in Canada, Prof. Ross W. Boulanger from the University of California-Davis in the US, Prof. Derek Elsworth from Pennsylvania State University in the US, Prof. HUANG Maosong from Tongji University in China, Prof. C. Hsein Juang from Clemson University in the US, Prof. Günther Meschke from Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany, Prof. Anand Puppala from the University of Texas-Arlington in the US, Prof. SHENG Daichao from the University of Newcastle in Australia, and Prof. YAO Yangping from Beihang University.

The GeoShanghai International Conference takes place every four years. GeoShanghai 2018, also the 4th GeoShanghai International Conference, solicited a total of 845 abstracts and 541 papers in full text, and drawn more than 500 attendees. Besides, more than 200 excellent academic presentations that focused on the latest developments in geotechnical engineering and related fields were given during the conference.