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International Students from Tongji University Complete Roots-Seeking Tour to Lizhuang

By: International Student Office  Published:06/04/2018 
As Tongji University welcomed its 111th anniversary, 30 international students from nearly 20 countries completed their 2018 Roots-Seeking Tour to Lizhuang for International Students in Tongji University.

As one of the many anniversary celebration activities in Tongji University, the Roots-Seeking Tour to Lizhuang has been enjoying great popularity among the international students in Tongji. The tour aims to introduce to the international students the special and historic event that Tongji University moved to Lizhuang, Sichuan Province during China`s Anti-Japanese War and kept functioning for national survival. From the tour, the international students will also learn how local people in Lizhuang fully accepted Tongji University against all odds during the years of turmoil, establishing precious friendship with Tongji teachers and students since then. Additionally, the tour provides a good opportunity for the international students to gain empathy with the University ethos and culture of Tongji, and to further understand Ba-Shu Culture (distinctive culture in Sichuan and Chongqing, China), as well. Meanwhile, the activity seeks to build a community service platform where international students can help local students in Lizhuang with their quality development and international perspective.

All the students of Grade Three in Lizhuang High School burst into rapturous applause as soon as the international students from Tongji walked into their classrooms. After the ice-breaking games, the international and high school students became close almost immediately. Then came the outdoor group competition which brought the visit to a climax. ‘Come on! We will wait for you in Tongji’-- in the end, the international students yelled encouragement at the Chinese teenagers who were about to take China`s College Entrance Examination at the school playground. After the tour, many international students expressed their strong wish to have the chance to go back to Lizhuang and see those children again.