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Special Job Fair Held by Tongji University in Germany

By: News Center  Published:05/23/2018 
On May 13th, the 2018 Berlin Special Job Fair by Tongji University came to a successful conclusion in Berlin, Germany. About 70 doctoral graduates and researchers in Germany participated in this Fair. ZHONG Zhihua, President of Tongji University, DONG Qi, Director of the Sino-German Institute of Humanities Exchange and Research, and people from the University Personnel Department and other related colleges, attended the Fair and provided recruitment consultations as well as a briefing on talent introduction and an interactive question and answer session.

President ZHONG delivered a comprehensive presentation of Tongji University which covered its history and development, disciplinary design, teaching and research, talent introduction, and international cooperation and exchange.

Mr. DONG briefed the historical origin, close cooperation, and various forms of cultural exchanges between Tongji University and its German partners. He further introduced the housing policy in Shanghai and other related policies promoted by Tongji University for talent introduction, such as housing, children’s education, and medical care.

People from the University Personnel Department then made an interpretation of Tongji’s talent introduction policy, and focused especially on China’s ‘1,000 Talents Plan’ Youth Program, the ‘100 Youth Talents Program’ at Tongji University, and the talent introduction program for assistant professors and postdoctoral researchers.

The event received high participation. Many young scholars soon submitted their resumes and exchanged ideas with the university delegation after the presentation.