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Delegation Headed by WU Jiang Attend 5th Session of Sino - European LEAD Project in Turkey

By: Foreign Affairs Office   Published:05/11/2018 
Executive Vice President WU Jiang, with his delegation from Tongji University, attended the 5th Session of Sino - European LEAD Project in Turkey, where dozens of representatives from China and Europe jointly discussed issues concerning academic leadership improvement and university governance, May 5th - 6th.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, WU stated that tertiary education in both China and Europe are faced with some unprecedented challenges and problems. First of all, the technological (digital) revolution has changed everything. At a new age when a continuously increasing amount of knowledge was accessible online, how would high educational institutions transform themselves to break the disciplinary boundaries, and enhance interdisciplinary integration? The second challenge is globalization. Although a globalized world created more opportunities for talks and collaborations between different countries and regions, by no means were cultural gaps and national barriers fully removed. Hence, how would we successfully transcend these differences, and understand each other better? Last, but not least, what is it that universities should mainly focus on in talent cultivation of future generations, students` so-called ‘academic thinking’ or their practical ability to solve problems?

The LEAD project, sponsored by the European Commission, seeks to enhance the capacities of academic leaders with a dominant focus on `Governance and Academic Leadership of Chinese and European Universities in the Context of Innovation and Internationalization.` The three-year project started in October 2015 and will come to a conclusion this October.