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Tongji University Triumphed in the 2018 East China University Volleyball Invitational

By:Department of Physical Education   Published:05/10/2018 
The 2018 East China University Volleyball Invitational came to a close on Apr. 30th. In the two-day Invitational, 8 men’s and women’s teams from colleges and universities in East China played out 32 exciting matches. The men's team of Tongji University, among all invited players, has won the championship showing the strength of Tongji University with its long-honored reputation in volleyball matches.

On the first day of the Invitational, the men's team of Tongji University beat Jiangnan University, Nanjing University, and Hefei University of Technology, winning three consecutive victories. The following day, the team from Tongji University was against its opponent from Fudan University in the semi-finals where the two sides threw themselves into three closely fought rounds. The players from Tongji worked together with unremitting will and led all the way in the final round winning the match by 15:1. Later in the men’s final, Tongji University competed against Nanjing University. The team from Tongji University finalized the match by beating its opponent with a score of 2-0, and was acclaimed the champion for the 2018 East China University Volleyball Invitational.