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Students from Confucius Institute of University of Florence Attend 17th Chinese-Bridge CPC

By:Sino- Italian Campus   Published:05/07/2018 
The 17th Chinese-Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition (Chinese-Bridge CPC) for International College Students organized by the Education Section of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Italy finished the preliminary rounds in the Republic of Italy and the Republic of San Marino in Naples, on the morning of Apr. 20th. Prof. HUNAG Chengzi, Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute, University of Florence (L'Università degli Studi di Firenze) attended the preliminary competition as the panelist judge.

This year’s preliminary competition consisted of a comprehensive written test, a prepared speech, a talent show and Q&A. Mr. JUN Xi, student from Confucius Institute, University of Florence, distinguished himself in the competition. He delivered an excellent speech on the theme of One World, One family, which analyzed the relations between individuals and the big ‘family’ of human beings on the basis of his personal experience in China as a student. Then he displayed an impressive calligraphic work featuring Chinese characters 美美与共,天下大同 (literally people of all lands live in perfect harmony). In the following talent show, JUN Xi, collaborating with QIAO Yawen, a teacher from Confucius Institute, University of Florence, gave a hilarious cross talk which simply brought down the house. JUN Xi garnered the Excellent Prize eventually.

The Chinese-Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition has been successfully held for 16 times already. This year, as the preliminary rounds in the Republic of Italy and the Republic of San Marino came to a successful end, preliminary competitions for the 17th Chinese-Bridge CPC in other regions across the world were held one after another. And all the winners in the preliminary rounds will come to China for the grand final.