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Consecutive Honor Won by LIU Erwu’s Team in the Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition 2018

By: News Center, College of Electronics and Information Engineering  Published:05/01/2018 
In the Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition 2018, held by Microsoft on Apr. 10th and 11th, a team led by Prof. LIU Erwu from the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Tongji University, obtained notable results by ranking the 1st in the Mobile Phone Indoor Localization category, and the 2nd in overall performance on the strength of its self-developed indoor navigation technology DWELT-PDR.
The Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition is the most prestigious one of its kind in the world and represents the highest level of the indoor navigation technology. It aims at encouraging the research and development of precise and real-time indoor localization technology, which will in turn drive the development of the whole indoor localization industry.

LIU introduced that his team embarked on the independent research and development of high-precision localization technology since 2013. In 2017, the integrated localization and tracking technology DWELT-PDR running on mobile phone sensors was launched. This technology, which was based on the DWELT (an integrated localization framework ‘Path Tracking Algorithm with a Dynamic Weighing Schedule’ also developed by the team independently) was designed for smart phones by considering the features of signals sent by mobile phone sensors.

After several rounds of improvement and optimization, this indoor localization system is now featuring ‘high accuracy, low cost and delay, complete sample, and easier deployment and expansion.’ It does not occupy communication resources and is easy to be integrated with existing mobile communication systems.