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Photographic Exhibition on Human and Nature on Display in University Library

By:Library   Published:04/30/2018 
A photographic exhibition on the theme of Human and Nature -- Discovery opened on Apr. 19th. The exhibition, organized by the Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival Committee with the support of the Library of Tongji University, was an activity of the 3rd Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival.

This exhibition adheres to the traditional idea of the Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival, i.e., ‘knowing nature, getting close to nature, protecting nature, and co-existing with nature in harmony’. it pools efforts from various institutions and organizations in the community to promote nature conservation, to set Shanghai as a leading metropolis in natural protection, and to strengthen Shanghai`s soft power in science popularization activities.

The dozens of photos on show covered a range of topics from the coexistent relationship between mankind and Nature to ecological environment protection, and to eco- homestead construction. Whether featuring ecology, environment, animals, or social activities of human beings, the photos, with no exception, manifested the interdependence between mankind and Nature in perfect harmony realistically and lively.

The photos will be on display till May 31st on the 1st floor of the Library.