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‘My Portal of Tongji University’ into Online Trial Operation

By:News Center, Information Office  Published:04/26/2018 
In order to facilitate the service for the teachers and students for better information construction, Tongji University has recently adopted an online platform for information management with a brand new design and interface. This platform, which was developed on the previous service portal, provides teachers and students alike with a more complete, comprehensive, and convenient service in a fragmented manner. The system, namely ‘My Portal of Tongji University’ (website: http://myportal.tongji.edu.cn) has now been put into online trial operation.

This newly launched platform, encompassing more than 90 applications from some previous 20 systems set respectively for personnel, educational services, scientific research, academic affairs, employment, campus card, and Tongxin Cloud, brings nearly all information and services related to the work, study, and life of teachers and students into full integration. It truly embodies the idea of ‘All in One’ through a unified center for information, task, and message integration. Meanwhile, customer-fit configuration is made available in the system by enabling users to search and subscribe applications according to their own needs. This is not only convenient and user-friendly, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the service while giving users a brand-new experience. As planned, the system will have more applications launched in the future. Now, it is experiencing its try-out by teachers and students who will give their feedback for further improvement.


Functions and Instructions :https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/k_rJygeiYbRuydT_ecG_fw