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Teaching Activities on Smartphone Use for Community Residents Launched by Volunteers of Tongji

By:Student Office  Published:04/05/2018 
A recent study conducted in the Xin Jiangwancheng community in Yangpu District found that learning to use APP on smart phone has become a compelling need for the elderly. The unfamiliarity of APP use on smart phones has rendered itself a great inconvenience to the elderly, especially when they need to communicate with their family members via social networking software like Wechat. Even still, there was no way for them to use the food-purchasing machines which were meant to facilitate their lives within their community.

In light of this problem, volunteers from the Association of Harmonious Society of Tongji University worked out a lecturing plan for the community based on its current situation and went to the community to carry out its teaching activities. They focused primarily on the illustration of Wechat use and some other APPs related to the daily shopping of the old, as required by local neighborhood committee.

The elderly people of the community listened intently to the lecture, and some of them even took out paper and pen to take notes. In the teaching process, some volunteers offered to help those with failing eyesight to size up their mobile phone fonts, making it easier for them to see and learn. Attendees of the activity highly gave high praises and gave the volunteers a big ‘thumbs-up.’