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Tongji Students Triumphed in Chinese Mathematical Competition

By:School of Mathematical Science  Published:03/29/2018 
The final contest of the 9th Chinese Mathematical Competition (CMC) for College Students, organized by Chinese Mathematical Society, came to a conclusion in Xi`an Jiaotong University on Mar. 25th. Tongji students performed exceedingly well in the competition and created a new high in history. Tongji students, GUO Jing and ZHANG Zhiyang, garnered the First and Second Prizes, respectively, for the Non-Mathematical Competition; the former ranking first with a score of 96 among all non-mathematical competitors. Student LV Yude won the Second Prize for the Mathematical Competition (arranged for senior students), which was recognized as the highest achievement for our University as Tongji entered the CMC again after many years.

The CMC for College Students consists of the preliminary and the final contests. The 216 non-mathematical competitors passed the preliminary contest out of the 85,482 registered participants. As for mathematical participants, 128 of 25,462 students entered the final contest. The three students above from the School of Mathematical Science (SMS), Tongji University, stood out in the preliminary contest and were qualified for the final contest (GUO and ZHANG for non-mathematical competition and LV for mathematical competition).

These favorable achievements made in the mathematical competition are also the productive returns from the hard work by the SMS and Tongji University at large in ‘Double A Construction,’ because they have attached increasing importance to talent cultivation, and spared no effort to explore opportunities for excellent students` to improve professional quality and abilities.