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Piano Duet Staged at Tongji during German Week of Music

By:College of Arts and Media  Published:03/26/2018 
The 4th German Week of Music came this spring in March. The debut of a piano duet was staged at Auditorium 129 on the Siping Campus, Tongji University on the evening of Mar. 21st, marking the beginning of the 4th German Week of Music.

In his speech just before the concert began, Deputy Party Secretary of Tongji University MA Jinming stated that, as a channel of communication between Tongji and other institutes, the Week of Music manifested professional musicians` unique reflection on the musical arts in the form of special performances, and propelled the development of our University culture.

The piano duet, performed by Wolfgang Wagenhuser and Raluca Wagenhuser, began with brisk, joyful notes. Mr. and Mrs. Wagenhuser then played in succession the piece 1a of B Major Sonata, composed by Muzio Clementi , KV 545, C Major Sonata, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Edvard Grieg and op.34, F Minor Sonata, by Johannes Brahms.

The audience`s rapturous applause at the end of the concert not only affirmed Mr. and Mrs. Wagenhuser`s spectacular performing skills, but was an admiration for Mrs. Wagenhuser`s selfless artistic devotion regardless of her illness. We believe the many other musical performances that followed in the German Week of Music will bring to the audience more aesthetic appeal and joy.