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Mobilization Meeting to Promote College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Programs

By:School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship  Published:02/20/2018 
A mobilization meeting was held at Conference Room C402 of Sino-French Center, on Jan. 25, to promote the college student innovation and entrepreneurship training programs. Leaders from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIE), University League Committee, and other schools and colleges at Tongji University attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the director of SIE introduced the strategic plan and current goal of Tongji`s innovation and entrepreneurship education which focused on innovation and entrepreneurship training programs at an interactive national, municipal and university levels. Students were expected to strengthen their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and ability through these programs. SIE will improve its information management system including student data collection, formalize application programs, and develop typical and successful examples in the innovation and entrepreneurship practice in the new year.

The online application for this year`s student innovation and entrepreneurship programs will start in March 2018. Across the management information system, students will be able to manage their programs by themselves. Meanwhile, all the schools and colleges may have all-round assessment of the programs on the system.