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Exhibition of Clay Sculptures from Chinese Central Plains Take Place in Tongji

By:University Museum  Published:01/19/2018 
The Exhibition of Clay Sculptures from Chinese Central Plains, a themed activity of Intangible Cultural Heritage into Campus, opened on the 1st floor of the University Museum, on the morning of Jan. 13th. Prof. DING Liren, a renowned folk artist, Mr. HUANG Weiyi, Deputy Party Secretary of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yangpu District, Shanghai, Prof. NI Baocheng, researcher from Henan Mass Art Center and President of the Association of Folk Arts in Henan Province, and teachers from the School of Humanities, from Intangible Culture Center at the College of Design and Innovation, from the University Library and the University Museum attended the opening ceremony.
After the opening ceremony, the artistic experts gave a lecture called, My Attachment to Clay Dogs, in the Wendao Lecture Room on the 2nd floor of the Museum. At the same time, the Children`s Clay Dog Making Competition was held at the exhibition hall on the 1st floor of the Museum. An expert panel consisting of the inheritors of clay-sculpture making in Huaiyang, Henan Province, reviewed the children`s works and selected the First, Second, and Grand Prize winners.

Clay dogs in Huaiyang are the most famous kind of traditional clay-sculpture handicraft with local characteristics in Henan Province. Besides clay dogs, this special folk art is also used to depict a number of entities, such as birds and beasts. In November 2014, clay dogs in Huaiyang were put on the extended list of Representatives for National Intangible Cultural Heritage.