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LI Guoqiang’s Team Listed into National HAUNG-Danian Tertiary Educational Teams

By:News Center  Published:01/17/2018 
Prof. LI Guoqiang`s Team was selected into the first list of National HAUNG-Danian Tertiary Educational Teams, according to the Ministry of Education on January 10th.

Prof. LI and his team have long been devoted into the education and scientific research of multi-layered steel structure, seismic, fire-resistance design of steel structures, and public service in related fields. The team earned a good reputation among other teachers and students because of the excellent graduates they have educated and the major national engineering constructions in which they have participated.

Based on their advanced research achievements, Prof. LI`s team took the lead in teaching such important courses as Load and Structural Design Theory and Earthquake Engineering for undergraduate and graduate students. They also set up Fire-resistance Structural Design and Blast-resistance Structural Design as optional courses for undergraduates. The team attached great importance to the application of academic achievements to practical engineering projects and have therefore provided technical support for major national engineering constructions. For example, their newly-developed seismic energy dissipation technique, which won the Second Prize of the National Award for Technological Invention, has been successfully put into use in over 260 major national engineering constructions. Likewise, their theory on fire-resistance of steel structures has been used as a safety assessment criterion in over 40 major steel structure engineering projects.