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FANG Shou’en meets with Prof. Pol D. Spanos

By:Foreign Affairs Office  Published:01/18/2018 
Mr. FANG Shou’en, Party Secretary of Tongji University, met with Prof. Pol D. Spanos on the morning of Jan. 10th and congratulated him on his winning the PRC International Science and Technology Cooperation Award for 2017.

FANG stated that Prof. Spanos has maintained a good cooperative relation with scholars from Tongji in scientific research for years. Together, the two sides have made numerous original, innovative achievements in cutting-edge research sectors in the world. FANG then expressed his wish that the two sides would intensify their cooperation in a comprehensive way and work together for a bright future.

Spanos, on the other hand, said that Tongji University was his home in China, which boasted remarkable educational and research ability and a number of noble-hearted professors. In addition, he also made certain suggestions on Tongji`s international cooperation.
Pol D. Spanos is the academician of National Academy of Engineering in the USA and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He`s a professor in the department of environmental engineering and Mechanical and Material Engineering in Brown Institute of Technology, Rice University, USA. Spanos and Prof. LI Jie from the College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, established a down-to-earth cooperative relationship in academic research in 2008. Based on their cooperation, the two sides further developed the Tongji International Center for Engineering Reliability and Stochastic Mechanics. Since 2010, Spanos has been appointed as Chair Professor in Tongji, Honorary Professor of Changjiang Scholars, and Master in the PRC National Intelligence Introduction Base for Innovation in Civil Engineering on Disaster Prevention and Reduction.