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Sailing on the Same Boat Staged at YibinCity

By:University League Committee  Published:01/05/2018 

From Dec. 28 - 29, 2017, a large-scale original playSailing on the Same Boat based upon the history of Tongji Universitywason show at Yibincity, the second hometown of the University.The play by an all-student castfrom Tongji University touched the local audiencedeeply.


The preparation of the show took threeyears before itwas eventuallyperformed on the stage. The show dramatized the history of the 110-year-old Tongji University through interweaving acts, including‘Weathering Hard Time Together’, ‘Days of Exile’, ‘Teaching at Lizhuang’, ‘Dispersing the darkness’, ‘Times of Trouble’, ‘Never Failing Responsibility’and ‘Miracles’. The show portrayed the hard time when teachers and students from Tongji University had to travel thousands of miles before finally settling at Lizhuang to continue teaching and learningduring the war of resistance against Japanese aggression. The people of Lizhuang welcomed them with kindness and generosity;theyjoined hands in making efforts to fight against the war in their own way.Strongly carried away by the emotion expressed by the story, the audience burst into waves of long applause with tears welled up their eyes.


The 12th volunteer teachingteam from Tongji University were teaching at the Lizhuang Middle School at the time. They invited the student performers to the Middle School when the latter completed their show. They did presentations to the localart students, and made detailed explanation in response to their enquiries about art study at universities.