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Math Session of the Third International Youth Forum

By:School of Mathematical Sciences  Published:01/04/2018 

The Mathematics Session of the Third International Youth Forum, organized by the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS), Tongji University, was held at the lecture hall of Zhiyuan Building on the Siping Campus on Dec. 28th. Prof. GU Xianglin, Vice President of Tongji University, leaders from SMS, and teacher and student representatives attended the Forum.


In his speech, GU extended his warm welcome to all the young scholarspresent at the Forum. He stated that mathematics was the basis of every engineering discipline, and an important component in terms of Tongji`s disciplinary development. The Math Session sought to bring togetheryoung talents both at home and abroad and to spur them on advancing mathematical development.


The Session was held bothin the morning and in the afternoon. Twelve excellent young scholars from top-notch universities and institutes in the world did presentations on hot cutting-edge issues in mathematical research.


At the end of the session, participantshad an in-depth conversationwith Mr. YANG Chao, Director of Talent Office, Tongji University, and Party leaders from SMS about Tongji`s talent policy and teaching and learning with SMS.