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Tongji University Listed as One of the China-US Young Maker Centers for Information Exchange

By:Foreign Affairs Office   Published:12/28/2017 

Tongji University has become one of the China-US Young Maker Centers for Information Exchange, according to an official list released by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Ministry of Education on Dec. 25th. Altogether 16 institutes including Beijing Normal University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University and two enterprises were on the list.


According to the official report, four China-US Young Maker Contests (CUYMC) have been successfully held in China since 2014, which drew a substantial number of participants from both China and the US, enriched the ways the young Chinese and American communicate, and innovated the cultural exchange activities between the two countries. The China-US Young Maker Centers for Information Exchange are established as follow-up programs of the Contest. As a major base to boost China-US young maker activities and cultural exchange, Tongji university organize CUYMC in Shanghai Division every year, and has greatly promoted the Contest to more and more young makers. In addition, Tongji-Intel Space for Crowd Innovation has been providing the young makers with courses as well as practical training pertinent to the CUYMC for a long time. The jointly established organization aims to help young makes to make innovative products and applications with social and industrial values.